Palembang is still the gateway to the province, and together with Pangkal Pinang on the island of Bangka and Tanjung Pandan on Bilitung, provides the region with three major airports. All three cities have direct connections with Medan, Batam, Padang and Jakarta and the future will see the introduction of flights to Singapore. Air-conditioned busesfrom points north and west of Palembang are also regulary available, as well as from major cities in Java and Bali.


Sandjaja Hotel
Kapt. A. Rivai Street 6193
Phone: (0711) 362222

King Hotel
Kol. Atmo Street 623
Phone: (0711) 310937

Princess Hotel
Complex Ilir Barat Permai
Letkol Iskandar Street 608
Phone: (0711) 313332

Swarna Dwipa Hotel
Tasik Street 2
Phone: (0711) 313332

Lembang Hotel
Kol. Atmo Street 16
Phone: (0711) 365555

Wisata Hotel & Restaurant
Letkol. Iskandar Street 105-107
Phone: (0711) 352681

Arjuna Hotel
A. Kapt. A. Rivai Street 219
Phone: (0711) 358505

Sayangan Street 769
Phone: (0711) 351737

Le Paradise Hotel
Kapt. A. Rivai Street 58
Phone: (0711) 226707

Puri Indah Hotel
Merdeka Street 38-40
Phone: (0711) 26912

Bumi Asih Palembang Hotel
Kapt. A. Rivai Street 36
Phone: (0711) 364349


Cipta Hotel
Letnan Mukhtar Saleh Street 180
Phone: (0712) 321089

Dinesti Hotel
Letnan Muchtar Saleh Street 42
Phone: (0712) 322888

Fajri Hotel
Letnan Muhtar Saleh Street 3
Phone: (0712) 321053

Gatra Hotel
Rumah Sakit Bl Lingk Street III/66
Phone: (0712) 321988

Musi Hotel
Lintastimur Tugumulyo-Lempuing Street 934
Phone: (0712) 331272

Pangkat Hotel
Lintas Tmr Street 400
Phone: (0712) 331042


Bukit Serelo Hotel
May Ruslan Street 1
Phone: (0731) 326515

Cendrawasih Hotel
Kol Burlian Street 184-185
Phone: (0731) 321981

Nusantara Hotel
May Ruslan III Street 33
Phone: (0731) 321336

Permata Hotel
May Ruslan III Street 32
Phone: (0731) 321642


Arjuna Hotel
Mukmin 145 Street
Phone: (0735) 326294

Borobudur Hotel
Pahlawan Street 366
Phone: (0735) 320816

Erkas Hotel
Dr Moh Hatta Street 8
Phone: (0735) 322445

Fortuna Hotel
M Hatta Street 186-F
Phone: (0735) 321957

Horison Hotel
HS Simanjuntak Street 5
Phone: (0735) 321005

Karamusi Hotel
Dr M Hatta Street 979
Phone: (0735) 320869

Kencana 2 Hotel
Akmal Street 805
Phone: (0735) 320858

Kencana I Hotel
Pahlawan Kemarung VIII Street 58
Phone: (0735) 320099

Mustika Jaya Hotel
Letjen Haryono MT Street 287
Phone: (0735) 320945

Pesagi Hotel
Jend A Yani Street 55
Phone: (0735) 320386


Abadi Hotel
Kom L Yos Sudarso Street Bl B
Phone: (0733) 321999

Anugerah Hotel
Lansano Street
Phone: (0752) 76666

Arya Guna Hotel
Bukit Barisan Street 48
Phone: (0733) 322472

Deli Indah Hotel
Protokol Street 100
Phone: (061) 77212024

Denai Putra Hotel
Gajah Mada Street
Phone: (0752) 76294

Hamco Hotel
Imam Bonjol Street 59
Phone: (0753) 20111

Linggau Hotel
Kom L Yos Sudarso Street
Phone: (0733) 326680

Lintas Sumatera Hotel
Kom L Yos Sudarso Street 21
Phone: (0733) 321730

Mawar Hotel
Jend A Yani Street 39
Phone: (0753) 20136

Meranti Hotel
Kom L Yos Sudarso Street
Phone: (0733) 321852

Perdana Indah Hotel
Kom L Yos Sudarso Street 333
Phone: (0733) 321848

Permata Bunda
Hilir Psr Street
Phone: (0752) 76053

Ridan Aria Hotel
Kom L Yos Sudarso Street 24
Phone: (0733) 321262

Royal Hotel
Kom L Yos Sudarso Street
Phone: (0733) 321865

Telaga Dian Perkasa CV
P Diponegoro Street 21
Phone: (0752) 66144

Transit Hotel
Kom L Yos Sudarso Street 243
Phone: (0733) 322842

Wijaya Hotel
Jend A Yani Street 666
Phone: (0733) 320001

Merpati Hotel
KH Abdul Latif Street
Phone: (0753) 20067

Mustika Hotel
Hilir Psr Street
Phone: (0752) 76134

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